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Our firm has extensive appraisal experience in Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Manitoba, Ontario, Oklahoma, Texas, and Illinois - all across Canada and the USA.

Examples of Assets Appraised:

Divorce appraisals may include recreational vehicles such as this Honda 4x4 ATV.

Oilfield equipment appraisals:  storage tanks.

Divorce  appraisals:  Honda 4x4 ATV.

Wherever the need, we travel to the site and examine each of the assigned assets and research comparable items across North America to reach a fair market price.  We have an excellent record of satisfied customers and can provide references.  Or just check out our Client Testimonials page.

We appraise heavy equipment like this end-dump tractor.

Heavy equipment appraisals:  end-dump tractor.

Forestry appraisals:  stump grinder.

JR's Certified Appraisals has done appraisals for companies, banks, and law firms in B.C., Alberta,
Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Northwest Territories and the Yukon as well as Illinois, Oklahoma and Texas, USA.  Included in these assets were road building equipment, general construction equipment, oilfield
equipment, vehicles, farm equipment including sod and turf specialized equipment, franchise equipment, mining and industrial shops etc.

Our firm has recently appraised the following four fighter aircraft in various stages of assembly:

The Sea Harrier fighter aircraft we appraised is one of only two left in the world that is privately owned.  One,
in the USA, is presently operable and performs in air shows.  The remaining Sea Harrier is currently undergoing assembly in Canada and will soon be operable.  (The United States government purchased the remaining Sea Harrier fighter aircraft from the U.K. in 2010).

Farm appraisals:  Air seeder tank.

Whatever type of appraisal you need, JR’s Certified Appraisals can provide it
on-site anywhere in Canada and the USA!  
Phone:  1-403-347-2719
or 1-877-347-2719 (toll-free in Canada)

Business appraisals:  Express Food Mart.

Our oil field valuations include assets like these oil storage tanks.
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Appraisal Experience: JR's Certified Appraisals.
Our forestry appraisals include machinery like this stump grinder.We perform business valuations on food stores like this Express Food Mart.Farm equipment appraisals include agricultural equipment like this air seeder tank.