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For all your heavy equipment appraisal needs,
Phone:  1-403-347-2719
or 1-877-347-2719 (toll-free in Canada)

We provide heavy equipment appraisal services for construction equipment, oilfield equipment, industrial equipment, and other heavy equipment in Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, across Canada and the USA.

Whether you are selling or buying used heavy equipment, or need an appraisal for financing, partnerships, tax purposes, insurance or litigation, a reliable equipment appraisal is a vital tool in maximizing your assets.  The timely, dedicated appraisal services we provide will meet your needs.

Heavy equipment we have appraised includes:

We have performed heavy equipment appraisals in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, BC, and Ontario, as well as Texas and Oklahoma.  

We do appraisals on specialty equipment, too, such as:

Harvester roll cutter | Auto stackers
Turf installers | Lifts | Brick press
Waukesha 220,000 volt transformer

Yellow Cat packer: heavy machinery, construction equipment.

Heavy equipment is in high demand today because of the need for Canada's resources and the processes required to develop and utilize those resources.  Heavy equipment is needed for everything from constructing roads for access, to trenching and laying pipelines, and extracting and processing various resources for a wide variety of industries.

Every type of heavy equipment is extremely busy - trucks hauling fuel, pavers laying asphalt, trenchers laying pipe or cable.  Cities are rapidly expanding, with large industrial yards for the services necessary to accommodate the extraction and processing of resources.

Used heavy equipment is in demand in many cases because new assets can take as long as two years from manufacturing to delivery.  This is the old story of "supply and demand" in action, and the desire for Canadian resources is responsible.  Whether you are selling or buying used equipment, an accurate equipment appraisal will give you the information you need.

On-site heavy equipment appraisals anywhere in Canada and the USA (mobile page). Yellow Cat dozer/ripper | heavy equipment.