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We provide on-site appraisals of forestry equipment anywhere in Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, across Canada and the USA.

Much of the U.S.A. and Canada (B.C. in particular) has depended on the logging and forestry industry for over 100 years, and during this period heavy equipment, like that in any industry, has become bigger, more efficient, more productive and of course more expensive as demand dictates.  

Forestry appraisals: 4-wheel loader with saw head attachment.

Looking for a forestry equipment appraisal?  

Forestry equipment: logging trailer, 4x4 grapples, harvester, chipper.
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our Client Testimonials!

Forestry equipment we have appraised:  chipper.

Specialized logging equipment:  feller-buncher.

Canada and the US are the largest exporters of primary forestry products in the world.  These products range from softwood lumber, pulp, paper products and structural panels to new and innovative products like bioenergy and bioplastics. Changes in the forest product markets and the emergence of these new products and materials provide new opportunities for existing companies and new entrants into the forestry industry.

We understand the major equipment investments that individuals and large companies have undergone in the forestry industry.  Whether you require a forestry equipment appraisal for buying, selling, financing, dissolving or adding to a partnership, litigation matters, or other reasons, our company can meet your needs.

The forestry industry uses not only specialized logging equipment like feller bunchers, log skidders, saw equipment and logging trucks, but also heavy equipment used in construction as well as light and heavy shop and industrial equipment.  Our appraisal experience covers all kinds of forestry equipment and heavy and light machinery.

Forestry Equipment we have appraised includes:

–  Log Trailers  –  Logging Trucks  –  Feller Bunchers  –  Saw Heads  –
 –  Chippers   –  Harvesters  –  Stump Grinders  –  Log Skidders  –

JR's Certified Appraisals:  Forestry Equipment Appraisals Page header. Logging equipment:  yellow feller-buncher against background of bare trees. Forestry equipment:  yellow chipper in front of metal building. Forestry equpment:  green 4-wheel loader with yellow saw head attachment.

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