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Your Inspection and Appraisal Report

All appraisals start with "on-site" inspection which records mechanical condition, appearance, age, serial and model numbers, maintenance and repair records.

The appraiser uses this information to create a detailed Appraisal Report.

Our appraisal methodology provides you with assurance that the values reported in your Appraisal Report reflect true conditions.

Our objective is to provide reliable, accurate, in depth information to enable you to make informed business decisions.

Whether you are:

our appraisal reports will give you the vital information you need to proceed.

Our experience and training
covers a wide range of markets, industries, and products.  We have years of experience doing appraisals of machinery, heavy equipment, industrial equipment, franchises, personal assets, farm machinery, valuations for divorce and separation proceedings and more.

Wherever you are in North America - Alberta or BC, Saskatchewan or Ontario, Washington state or Illinois - we provide on-site service.

Need an appraisal report?   

Appraisal reports:  report covers.

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