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If you need an appraisal for divorce or separation proceedings,

Whether you are in Canada or the US, a reliable divorce appraisal plays a key role when divorce proceedings or separation proceedings are being considered.

Divorce is a complex and difficult situation, and valuing the assets to be divided adds to the complexity.  An independent and objective valuation by an expert appraiser can help.

In Canada, divorce between parents is covered by the Divorce Act (federal).  However, provincial governments are also responsible for making the rules about how to get a divorce in their jurisdiction, including the actual sharing of property.  

While we do perform many divorce appraisals in Alberta, our service area includes BC, Yukon, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the rest of Canada and the USA.  Our divorce appraisal experience over the years has included appraisal of construction, oilfield, and farm equipment as well as regular household assets.

We can fly to any location in Canada or America for your appraisal.

Generally speaking, property that one spouse brought into the marriage remains theirs, while property acquired during the marriage must be divided equally between spouses.

In divorce or separation proceedings, lawyers are often involved for both parties, who cannot agree on division of assets accumulated over several years.

In all cases, having an independent and impartial property appraisal by a certified appraiser can make a key difference.  Our appraisal company can give you the information you need, when you need it.

Our divorce appraisals offer you:

Divorce assets - vehicles:  white corvette.

Divorce appraisals:  step-deck tri-axle trailer.

Recreational vehicles can be part of divorce assets needing appraisal.

Divorce assets - heavy equipment:  step-deck tri-axle trailer. Divorce assets - recreational vehicles:  blue-and-white speedboat on cradle at lake.

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