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For all your farm appraisal needs,

When you need to make an informed decision, JR’s Certified Appraisals will give you a comprehensive appraisal of your farm equipment anywhere in Canada and the USA.

An accurate and reliable appraisal of farm equipment and assets is an essential tool in modern farming.  We provide on-site farm appraisals covering tractors, fertilizer machinery, and all other kinds of agricultural and farm machinery, as well as livestock, grain inventory, agricultural storage facilities and other assets.

Farming equipment we have appraised includes:

Today, both farmers and suppliers of the machinery necessary for food production and export have large sums of money invested in farm equipment and land.  Weather patterns in many parts of the USA and particularly in Canada demand that farmers have reliable farming equipment.  

The need to expand, to replace older equipment or to sell to a family member creates the need for a farm appraisal.  

Operating capital or financing for new machinery often requires an equipment appraisal for the bank before a loan can be arranged.

Whatever your needs - buying, expanding, establishing an asset-based line of credit, divorce litigation, dissolution of partnership, farm dispersal - our farm appraisals will provide the confidence you need to move forward.  JR’s extensive history in farm equipment appraisals can be of real value to you.

“JR personally and painstakingly reviewed my farm equipment, tools and supplies, with the utmost integrity and knowledge….” (Dale Dodd, Dale Dodd Quarter Horses).  

Farm equipment:  green farm tractor in field.

Farm appraisals:  Massey Ferguson combine.

Farming equipment we have appraised:  John Deere weed sprayer.

Farm machinery:  red Massey Ferguson combine in snowy field. Farm equipment:  green John Deere self-propelled weed sprayer inside quonset hut.

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