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Turn to JR's for your oilfield equipment appraisal needs.

Need a comprehensive appraisal of your oil field equipment?  We secure a Fair Market Value (FMV) price for each unit by completing in depth research for similar equipment selling across North America.  We examine all equipment on location.

Our company is located in the heart of Alberta oil country and we have been completing on-site oilfield equipment appraisals in Canada and the USA for over 20 years.

Oilfield equipment includes not only specialized units such as oil tanks, pump jacks, vacuum trucks and drilling rigs, but also overlaps into general heavy equipment for construction, seismic equipment etc.  

Why Get An Oilfield Equipment Appraisal?

Reasons to obtain an oilfield equipment appraisal range from selling, or purchasing equipment to dissolving partnerships, refinancing, insurance, or litigation.  

Oilfield equipment:  oilfield production testing unit.

Some examples of oilfield equipment recently appraised:

Complete oil and gas field operation

High-pressure vessels for well clean-out

Power tongs

Nitrogen tri-axles

Pump jacks


Fuel delivery trucks

Large gas compressor

Enviro tanks

Well testing equipment

“John was very personable and great to deal with. He not only takes into account the value of your equipment, but also many other aspects of the company which bring value as well. I was very impressed with knowledge, experience and professionalism John brought to the table…”  (Collin Briault, Ger-Vee Trucking).

Oilfield equipment recently appraised:  tri-axle heavy duty tank truck.

Specialized oilfield equipment:  drilling rig.

Oilfield equipment:  drilling rig. Heavy equipment:  tri-axle heavy duty tank truck in field.

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