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BUYING EQUIPMENT? Need to know what to pay for that entire plant or just one machine?  Don't get caught paying for something that's obsolete - call us for an equipment appraisal.

FACING A DIVORCE OR SEPARATION? When faced with the dissolution of a marriage, you need a fair and balanced appraisal of the value of your assets.  Turn to JR's Certified Appraisals for an objective divorce valuation.

DEALING WITH LEGAL ACTION?  Our consultations and appraisals have resulted in saving thousands in legal fees and court costs.  Should matters proceed through the courts, we are experienced in the rules of evidence and can be declared an "expert witness" in our field.

LOOKING FOR A LOAN? Call us when the bank requires loan security.  Our appraisal reports are well documented and detailed, placing the financial institution's loans officer at your business location without leaving the office.  We are available for consultation with your bank if necessary.  Whatever your financial requirements, our appraisals meet the professional standards expected.

INSURING YOUR ASSETS? Insurance companies, like banks, may require an independent third party appraisal before insuring your equipment.  Call us for an accurate equipment appraisal.  

WHAT IF I'M NOT IN ALBERTA?  CAN YOU STILL HELP ME?  Yes, we can!  We are located in Red Deer, Alberta, midway between Calgary and Edmonton with their major international airports.  We service clients in BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba - in fact, we will fly anywhere in Canada or the USA to provide you with the appraisal service you need.  See the About Us page for details.

Farm equipment appraisals: Case farm tractor.

Wherever you are in Canada or the USA, when you need an appraisal,   

Why get an appraisal from JR’s Certified Appraisals?

SELLING YOUR BUSINESS OR RETIRING? You will need to know exactly what your company is worth.  Call us to get an accurate business appraisal.

ENTERING A PARTNERSHIP? DISSOLVING A PARTNERSHIP? Whether you are entering or leaving a partnership, an independent third party appraisal is important for making good business decisions. We are the independent 3rd party to give you accurate answers regarding your equipment values.

SELLING EQUIPMENT?  Call on us for an equipment appraisal before placing your equipment on the market and before calling the Auctioneer.  With an accurate appraisal you won't have to waste your valuable time with ridiculous "low-ball" offers.  You're the one who decides how to sell it.

Heavy equipment:  a pair of track hoes in a snowy field.
Farm equipment:  red Case farm tractor in field.

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