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Need a comprehensive appraisal of your oilfield equipment?  We secure a Fair Market Value (FMV) price for each unit by completing in depth research for similar equipment selling across North America.  We examine all equipment
on location.

Our company is located in the heart of Alberta oil country and we have been completing on-site oilfield equipment appraisals in Canada and the USA for over 20 years.

In Canada, Alberta has been on everyone's mind as the capitol of the oil industry; however, we are also finding more work in Saskatchewan and the USA including Texas and Oklahoma as more oil and gas fields are opening up to quench the thirst for energy. The USA will soon be self-sufficient in oil and gas, and Canadian oil will be increasingly delivered to world markets.  This will require large amounts of cash and equipment.  The expertise of qualified appraisers will be even more in demand.

Oilfield equipment includes not only specialized units such as oil tanks, pump jacks, vacuum trucks and drilling rigs, but also overlaps into general heavy equipment for construction, seismic equipment etc.  

The oil field arena has been very busy for us and has a rippling effect in the fuel hauling industry where large trucks, enviro tanks and Super B tankers are involved.

Why Get An Oilfield Equipment Appraisal?

Reasons to obtain an oilfield equipment appraisals range from selling, or purchasing equipment to dissolving partnerships, refinancing, insurance, or litigation.  

John was very personable and great to deal with. He not only takes into account the value of your equipment, but also many other aspects of the company which bring value as well. I was very impressed with knowledge,experience and professionalism John brought to the table…”  
(Collin Briault, Ger-Vee Trucking).

Read the rest of Collin’s testimonial on our Client Testimonial page, or send us your own.

Some examples of oilfield equipment recently appraised:

Recently appraised oilfield equipment:  crawler trencher.

Turn to JR's Certified Appraisals for oilfield equipment appraisal services.

Oilfield equipment:  oilfield production testing unit.
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Remember to check out
our Client Testimonials!

Specialized oilfield equipment:  drilling rig.

Oilfield equipment recently appraised:  tri-axle heavy duty tank truck.

JR's Certified Appraisals:  Oilfield Equipment Appraisals page header. Oilfield equipment:  drilling rig. Heavy equipment:  tri-axle heavy duty tank truck in field. Oilfield equipment:  yellow crawler trencher in snowy field.

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