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JR's Certified Appraisals home page: Equipment appraisals - Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Canada, USA.

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JR's Certified Appraisals Home:  Turn to JR’s Certified Appraisals for a comprehensive, on-site equipment appraisal anywhere in Canada and the USA.

JR's Home (Mobile):  Home page (mobile view).

Oilfield Equipment Appraisals:  Need a comprehensive appraisal of your oilfield equipment?  Our company is located in the heart of Alberta oil country and we have been completing on-site oilfield equipment appraisals in Canada and the USA for over 20 years.

Oilfield Equipment Appraisals (Mobile):  Oilfield equipment appraisals page (mobile view).

Forestry Equipment Appraisals:  We provide on-site appraisals on forestry equipment and logging machinery anywhere in Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, across Canada and the USA.

Forestry Equipment Appraisals (Mobile): Forestry equipment appraisals page (mobile view).

Farm Appraisals:  When you need to make an informed decision, JR’s Certified Appraisals will give you a comprehensive appraisal on your farm equipment and assets anywhere in Canada and the US.

Farm Appraisals (Mobile):  Farm equipment/Farm appraisals page (mobile view).

Heavy Equipment Appraisals: We provide heavy equipment appraisal services for construction equipment, industrial equipment, and other heavy equipment in Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, across Canada and the USA.

Heavy Equipment Appraisals (Mobile):  Heavy equipment appraisal page (mobile view).

Divorce Appraisals:  Whether you are in Canada or the US, a reliable divorce appraisal plays a key role when divorce proceedings or separation proceedings are being considered.

Divorce Appraisals (Mobile):  Divorce appraisal page (mobile view).

Franchise Valuation:  When purchasing a new or established franchise, or selling a franchise, a reliable franchise valuation will provide you with essential information to make your decision.

Franchise Valuation (Mobile):  Franchise valuation page (mobile view).

Client Testimonial Page:  Find out what our customers really think!  This page features reviews and testimonials submitted by our clients.

About Us: JR's Certified Appraisals:  Appraiser's qualifications, professional associations, payment information, and our location and service areas.

About Us (Mobile):  All about JR's Certified Appraisals (mobile view).

Why Get An Appraisal?  Lists some of the various situations in which you need an accurate appraisal to make an informed decision.

Why Get An Appraisal? (Mobile):  Reasons to get an appraisal (mobile view).

Types Of Appraisals:  Explains four different types of appraisals: Fair Market Value, Liquidation Value, Going Concern Value, and Market Value In Place.

Types of Appraisals (Mobile):  different types of appraisals (mobile view).

Appraisal Experience:  Our firm has extensive appraisal experience in Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Manitoba, Ontario, Oklahoma, Texas, and Illinois - all across Canada and the USA.  Here you'll find examples of the assets we have appraised.

Appraisal Experience (Mobile):  JR's appraisal experience (mobile view).

Appraisal Reports:  Our appraisal methodology provides you with assurance that the values reported in your Appraisal Report reflect true conditions.

Appraisal Reports (Mobile):  Find out about our appraisal reports (mobile view).

Code Of Ethics:  We subscribe to the Appraiser's Code Of Ethics of the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group (CPPAG).

Code Of Ethics (Mobile):  Appraiser's Code of Ethics (mobile view).

Site Map:  This page!

Contact Us:  contact information for JR's Certified Appraisals.

Contact Us (Mobile):  JR's Appraisals contact information (mobile view).

Heavy equipment:  two track hoes.
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