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Market Value In Place (MVIP) Appraisal

Market Value In Place:  A professional opinion of the estimated value to be realized for the property; as installed for intended use in an exchange between a willing buyer and willing seller; neither being under the compulsion to buy or the compulsion to sell, with both parties aware of the relevant facts as of the effective date of the appraisal.  Note:  MVIP does not normally take into consideration leasehold improvements, unless they are specifically related to a function of a particular piece of equipment.  ENHANCED VALUE - Sometimes used as a factor and is dependent upon the function, economic conditions, population proximity and geographical location.

We welcome client testimonials!  Visit our Client Testimonial page.

Recreational vehicles:  large white motorhome with blue trim.

Vehicle appraisals:  motorhome.

Oilfield equpment:  mobile high-pressure nitrogen generating unit.

Oilfield appraisals:  Mobile high-pressure nitrogen generating unit.

Whatever type of appraisal you need, JR’s Certified Appraisals can provide it
on-site in Canada and the USA!  
Phone:  1-403-347-2719
or 1-877-347-2719 (toll-free in Canada)

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Heavy equipment:  two track hoes.

The type of appraisal you need depends on the particular type of business valuation required. Different situations call for different types of appraisals.

Fair Market Value (FMV) Appraisal

Fair Market Value:  The price at which property would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller; neither being under the compulsion to buy or a compulsion to sell, and both having reasonable
knowledge of relevant facts.  Some factors involved in Fair Market Value of assets involve the supply and demand, condition, age, availability, restorative and/or mechanical improvements, and previous comparable sales.

Liquidation Value (LV) Appraisal

Liquidation Value:  The price at which the property would change hands when there is a financial situation or other circumstance existing at the time of sale so as to require a sacrifice, e.g. demand from a financial institution to liquidate, bankruptcy, instant need for cash flow, overstocked, low demand, recession.

Going Concern Value (GCV) Appraisal

Going Concern Value:  The value obtainable for the assets through private negotiators between a willing buyer and a willing seller on a total entity basis in order to continue operations in place over an acceptable period of time.  Some factors involved in Going Concern Value are:  all assets relative to the business including stock supplies, condition and age of assets, cash flow.  This is based on previous financial records, a solid plan for a willing buyer to re-capture his initial investment.  Leasehold improvements are included in this type of appraisal.

Agricultural equipment:  green and yellow grain auger in field.

Farm equipment appraisal:  grain auger.